Arabian Horses

Those who first encountered an Arabian horse are aware that something is different about him. It seems – compared to horses of other breeds – rare and exotic, it has come from another part of the world. Arabian horses represent the different and unusual type of horses, they are distinguished from the other horses.

Arabian horses perform an exotic fascination. There are people for whom everything is exotic unpleasant; they are suspicious of everything foreign. These are and will remain grounded and keep familiar. Others are fascinated by the strangeness. Impressions of other cultures, continents and climatic zones contribute to them magnetically. The latter may show more enthusiasm when an exotic car such as the Arabian horse is standing in front of them – a creature of a now-defunct culture.

The Arabian horse is largely a product of its original environment, which was formed by the strict selection process by the hard living conditions in the desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Delegates from princes and royal houses purchased Arabian horses from the region of origin, and led them to their new home in order to use it as a finisher in the national horse breeding, but also promote the propagation of.

The Arabian horse has a triumphal march around the whole globe and is now available in more than 50 countries around the world, bred and cared for. Since 1949, the Association of Breeders and Friends of the Arabian horse care breeding organization operating nationwide as its members and advises them on all aspects of breeding, rearing, feeding, husbandry, training and riding the promotion of the Arabian horse. Furthermore, this zoo technical recognizes breeding organizations responsible for the registration of thoroughbred Arabian horses of the Arabian breed, Shagya Arabian, Arabs, Anglo-Arabs and Arab half-breed.

There are many Arabian horses which belong to different racial group. “Arab” is not a generic term for breeding Arabian horses of all directions, even if it is used by outsiders so often. As a race-or better, group term, he would merely serve as a kind of catch-all for all Arabian horses, which can not assign the broad groups of Arabian Horses, “” Shagya-Arab, Anglo-Arab “or” Arab half-breeds “.

One of the most beautiful Arabian horse breed with a nice palomino color is Golden Gayr El (El Gayr or Lady Gold). An Arab has said little sloppy, a horse that is not pure enough for an Arabian, but not enough for an allogeneic blood has Anglo-Arab or Partbred, and because of the very small proportion of foreign blood is not the Shagyas that can be attributed to. In any case, this race is very popular. The composite structures the nationwide breed in different regional groups similar to the provinces, promotes regional activities, seminars and courses as well as dog shows and equestrian competitions in the different disciplines.

Breathtaking radiance and beauty draws many people into their orbit. He keeps and maintains contacts with national and international umbrella organizations and associations and is responsible for implementing national and international events, advertising, breeding advice and assistance in all matters responsible. Before buying some horse like this you must search for many guides which will give explanations about the historical development, the roles and functions of the association which will provide guidance on the breeding objectives of the Arab Association of race and managed to convey a sense of the diverse investment and the specific characteristics of this noble breed of horses in the world, without whose influence can exist in the long run, no other horse breeds. This horse deserves only the best because he is the best.


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